Welcome to the website of the Young Bar Association of the Netherlands (SJBN).

Since 1976 the SJBN represents the interests of young lawyers in the Netherlands. "Young lawyer" mean the lawyers to 7 years of experience.

The SJBN acts as an intermediary between the local Young Lawyers Associations and the Dutch Bar Association, the organization of the education of young lawyers (CPO en Dialogue) and other relevant organizations that focus on (young) lawyers. In addition, the SJBN organizes nationwide activities for trainee lawyers, associates and attorney entrepreneurs.

The SJBN is the interlocutor of the Dutch Bar Association with regards to the interests of young lawyers in the Netherlands, with a special focus on the Vocational Law Practice. The SJBN acts as contact for experiences of trainee lawyers with the Vocational Program, among others through the organization of "focus groups" that are composed biannually from the new batches of the Vocational Training. If you want to receive more information about the focus groups, please contact the responsible board member of the SJBN (opleidingen@sjbn.nl).

In addition to the Vocational Training, employment aspects and other relevant issues are recurring topics in discussions with the Bar Associations. To get a clear picture of what is happening among the young lawyer, the SJBN conducts an annual survey regarding the wellbeing and the employment aspect of the young lawyers. The survey is completed annually by about 1.000 young lawyers.

Furthermore, the SJBN annually organizes various content and social activities such as the Day for the Entrepreneurial Lawyer and the Young Lawyers Congress. The Day for the Entrepreneurial Lawyer always takes place on February or March of each year. The Young Lawyers Congress annually takes place on the first Thursday and Friday of November. More information about our activities can be found on the website.

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If you have questions and/or comments, do not hesitate to contact one of the SJBN Board Members.

Kind regards,

Afsoun Daoudi,
President of the Young Bar Association of the Netherlands 2022-2023